Pivot Capital Limited (formerly Pivot Trust & Investment Company Limited) is a comprehensive financial services company tailored to meet the needs of the investing public.



Pivot Capital Limited is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Capital Market operator in the capacity of Broker/ Dealer, Investment Advisers and Issuing House. The hallmark of our existence is the need for personalized services which call for an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ requirements and how best to meet these needs.

Securities Trading

Our trading activities are supported by in-depth company and industry research that brings about efficient and transparent transaction execution capability.

Portfolio Management

This group is responsible for constructing and managing clients’ portfolio investments. Such investments may include but not limited to equities.

Asset Management

We offer wide range of products and services to enable clients realize their specific investment goals. The team employs a prudent, disciplined and personalized…

Financial Advisory

The company provides financial advisory solutions to companies, governments et al seeking long term financing from the capital market by way of Equity issuance…

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