Our Services

Securities Dealing

This group undertakes the following activities:

  • Trading of equity and debt securities to achieve maximum returns for clients.
  • Non-discretionary portfolio management.
  • Creation/Management of Estate Accounts
  • Liaison with Registrars of Companies.

Portfolio Management

This group is responsible for constructing and managing client’s portfolio investments. Such investments may include but not limited to equities, bonds, debenture etc.

Semi-Discretionary Portfolio Management
This service allows Pivot Trust & Investment Company Limited to select stocks on behalf of the client following exhaustive research; however purchases/sales are not executed until the client’s consent is obtained. Whilst there is a time lag between decision making and execution due to the time it takes to receive order confirmation, this service allows the clients to make inputs into their portfolio selection/composition.

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services
The Discretionary Portfolio Management Service enables Pivot Trust & Investment Company Limited to invest on behalf of the client at our discretion. Although Shares are bought and sold without necessarily contacting the client, the portfolio is invested taking into consideration pre-agreed investment parameters with a view to safeguarding the client’s assets, maximizing returns and achieving the clients overall investment objectives.

Asset / Share Recovery

Our value proposition shall include but not limited to the following services:

  • Share Recovery
  • Dematerialization of all outstanding Share Certificates and Dividend Warrants at the Registrars offices
  • Recovery of Returned Monies
  • Reconciliation and confirmation of the shareholdings in various companies
  • Revalidation of stale Dividend Warrants
  • Processing and opening of a CSCS account
  • Processing the verification and dematerialization of Share Certificate into the CSCS Account
  • Processing of E-dividend mandates for subsequent dividends

Financial Advisory

The company provides financial advisory solutions to companies, government et al seeking long term financing from capital market by acting as Brokers to such issues.

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